More From the Bday Bash...

Due to the craziness of how things were turning out this summer, we talked the boys into having a joint Birthday Party. Jeremiah wanted a Super Mario Bros Theme. Usually, the kids have a blast playing in the yard so I didn't plan any games. Then it looked like it might rain so I whipped up a few games. Then the rain held off so we only played one. lol But they had SO.MUCH.FUN. with all their buddies running around the yard in the 99% humidity and were all a hot, sweaty mess covered in icing and big, happy smiles by the time the party came to an end.

I tried to keep it simple and thankfully, Jeremiah wanted simple cupcakes - primary colored icing topped with simple star sprinkles and picks with Mario Bros characters. I made (don't laugh) a bean bag toss with Bowser that they all ended up really liking. I also made a Pin The Mustache on Mario that never made it out and I also made a human gameboard game that also never made it out. I guess we need to have Mario Playdate so we can make use of those games! The decorations were easy - none. lol Well, I did set out some new toys around the cupcakes but that was about it. The theme showed up on the plates, cups and cupcake toppers and on the goody boxes.

I forgot to add the pic of the boxes to the slideshow so I'll include it here...

They were filled with candy, markers, mini Super Mario Bros coloring pages, a bouncy ball, water guns and maybe something else I can't remember now... I also included a little note that says "GAME OVER Thank you for coming to Jeremiah and Joshua's party!" and the other side says "CONTINUE? Call for a playdate this summer!" and had our phone number.

The kids had a blast and Jeremiah is already talking about his birthday next year! Here is a wrap up of the party in my best snapshot talent I could muster in the midst of the chaos! (I also got some special help from my bud, Lindsey!). During the present opening, paper was literally flying everywhere and I ended up at the bottom of that pile! Jey sat with Grandma to open them and I think she was pooped by the time it was all over! But then, so was I!