This House on Thursday: Tie Dyed...

Last weekend, I took Jey to his little friend's bday party where the theme was Tie Dye! He was very leary of the whole thing because he hates to get dirty on purpose and all those colored dyes would have freaked him out for sure! He seemed okay with dictating to me where to tie and what colors to use although he was still convinced it was all just lame.

The next morning I rinsed the shirts and washed them and he was quite amazed at the end product! We also made one for Joshua and little man thought it was pretty neat as well. Even without cars or anything sports related! lol

They decided to wear their shirts and I wanted to take a snapshot to let the party hostess know we were thrilled with the shirts. The boys ended up dancing around and jumping everywhere and having a blast that I got a little carried away on the snapshots.


After all the jumping and dancing they were pooped and enjoyed some cookies...

"Mfcookies mfrf are mfpf yummmmmmmy..."