Wordy Wednesday...

{Mommy Moments}

While looking through a picture book with Joshua, I pointed to a nickel because it's so dang cute to hear him say "Money"...

Me: What is this?
Joshua: Ummmmm... Coin!
(I was impressed, never heard him say coin)
Me: Oh, yes, it is a coin. Good job! Did you learn that from Super Mario?
Joshua: No. It's a coin. Ummmmmmm..... Money!
Me: Yes, coin is money.
Joshua: Yes! Coin is money. Good job, Mommy! You're right!


A fire truck sped by so Jeremiah said a little prayer:
"Dear Lord, please take care of the people the firetruck is driving to. Heal them. A flea probably started a fire at the house and it will burn down so take care of the people and the house, Lord. And send an amblience if they get hurt. Thank you. Amen."

I guess this is another reason to make sure your pets are free of fleas. And I'm thinking it takes more skill to say "amblience" than "ambulance" but what do I know.


We were saying bedtime prayers and Jeremiah wasn't in the mood for his turn and tried to pretend he was sleeping. The fake snores gave it away. Joshua wasn't convinced either so he jumped on Jey and screamed inches from his face, "Joe, pray now! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!"


Joshua didn't want to take a nap and started playing with a small toy dog. I told him the puppy was sleepy and needed to go to sleep. He looked at the puppy and said, "No, puppy not go bed. Puppy play! Joshua go night night." Whatever works, kid, I'll take it!

Driving around in the van running errands, I looked at my boys in the back seat...

Me: Jeremiah, you're so cute! I wish I were as cute as you.
Jeremiah: Yeah, me too.


Overheard Jeremiah talking with my mom on the phone...

"A kid is someone who matches his parents."


Have a blessed week!!!