Macro Monday: Cherry Blossom Sneak Peek...

We've been cooped up in the house, a bunch of sickies. Pink eye, flu, stomach bug, more pink eye... UGH. But today as I was driving home from the Dr's office (again) with Joshua, I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous it was outside! Glorious sunshine!!!! Trees blossoming! It was pure bliss!!! I took the boys outside to play in the warm sunshine and took my camera. We played and wandered and then I could not stand it anymore and had to start shooting! It was a bit breezy for delicate macro shots so I brought a small branch indoors and played a bit as I sat near the open door listening to my little guys enjoying a moment where they could forget they were sick.

I'm calling this a sneak peek because I need to post something today and I haven't gone through all the images. I just love this color blue for the background of this tiny little blossom, don't you?