I dislike it. Unless it's because I'm sitting on a beach somewhere. But here in Kentucky, there is no beach. Just humidity. And lots of it.

We've had 100+ degree weather around here which is insane for the Midwest, right? But to top it off, it was super humid! UGH! Days like this I miss Southern California. Give me 108 with no humidity over 80 with KY humidity any day! Love me some dry heat!

But life is so good here, I think I'll make the sacrifice and stay. You really cannot beat the view here in KY. {love}

I decided to capture a few snapshots of my little guy playing in the backyard. My lens immediately fogged up and didn't clear for almost 20 minutes! So I just snapped a shot of him in the fog and we'll pretend we live in Seattle.

(P.S. Facebook fans will see a repeat of images as I'm going to post some of the same pics here because I love my blog and want to get caught up. Thanks!)