Secret Agent #8

Jeremiah attended a Secret Agent Themed Birthday party this summer. The invite said to come dressed in black. He took the instructions further and added sunglasses and a mustache. We can't have the Birthday Bandit figuring out who he was!

He had to knock on the door and give the secret password from the invitation. The mom at the door giggled at Jey's get-up and before letting him in, asked if he saw any strange-looking people outside. Jeremiah looked back at the street behind him just in time to see two 'strange-looking' men walking to their car. They had very long beards and their hair was standing straight up. Their clothes were different from the norm and they had sunglasses on. Jey thought they looked very suspicious! It really cracked us up at the timing of it all! He went into the party telling everyone he saw the "Birthday Bandit's Minions"!