Mmmm... Donut....

Okay, as much as I really dislike Homer Simpson, I can't help but hear his voice ringing in my ears when I type that title!
Jeremiah picked out the most colorful donut and was so excited when he finally got to taste of it. He actually never got to the donut but just licked the sprinkles off! This is another reason he doesn't get donuts very often! LOL
He was just cracking us up so I had to get my camera out and shoot this fun evening last week...

What does he think about it? I'm thinking of The Fonz here:
He was so happy to share this moment with his best buddy Jane (he adores her!):
But mommy couldn't be the only one taking pics of this event:

Too bad the memory card was full or else I'd post his shot too. But after I cleared it, he had lost interest and returned to his donut!

Shooweee... being so sick for so long has gotten me so out of practice! I haven't picked my camera up much the past few months and it shows! I need to get back into the swing of things before I digress even more!

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