Mommy Moment...

It was one of those Mondays where I spent the whole morning clearing up the clutter and debris from the weekend blur of life and thought I was finally done when I stepped back into the hall and saw this...

To be honest, my first choice of reactions was to get frustrated and find out which little monkey left the train where it didn't belong. I sighed, exasperated, and pondered what life might feel like when I can clean up and it will stay clean. When there is no one around to make a mess for me to clean up or put away.

But as I ventured further down the hall, closer to the train, closer to the sound of monkeys giggling in the living room, I though about how that life would be so empty. Yes, there might not be any toys to trip on or Legos to accidentally vacuum up. No fingerprints smeared on the glass door. No pile of cracker crumbs on the couch when companty comes over. No high pitched whining attached to my leg as I hope to go to the bathroom in peace and solitude... That may be nice. Maybe.

Maybe not.

Because that means there will also not be any warm hugs from little bodies fresh from a nap. No sound of joy as two brothers giggle at a shared silly joke. No little feet to fill the tiny shoes left in the doorway. No sticky countertops reminding me of the little hands that helped me bake morning muffins. And no one climbing up my back as I blog this, smiling through a mouth full of food saying, "Mommy, I just want to be close to you."

So for now if you come by and there is a train in the hall, or I have to brush off some crumbs so you can sit down... just know that such clutter is a reminder of how joyful my life is. I may not have taken a moment to clean up but that means I took a moment to get in some extra snuggles and made a few more memories instead. My life is filled to overflowing with God's goodness wrapped up in tiny wiggly gifts I call my children.