Completely Random...

My mom always says Joshua looks bigger on my blog than in real life. People often think he's older because he doesn't have that baby fat like most little toddlers share and he's a tad tall for his age but then he's definitely on the super thin side. And he doesn't talk much. So it balances out somehow?

These shots were so random. The whole story behind it is a bit random, actually. I was shooting my niece's Engagement pics and while running from location to location we stopped at my house for a outfit change since it was on the way to the next stop. Joshua was throwing a fit about going with me so I packed him up and took him along to our last stop. However, the last stop didn't pan out and we ended up somewhere else and it was insane worrying about his safety (and whereabouts) while trying to shoot because we ended up at a park with a dock on the river and I was certain he'd fall in the river. So, many of the shots taken there I had one hand on his shirt as he tried to run away from me (again).

I took these few shots to test the lighting while waiting for my niece and her fiance to join me. Joshua was so stinkin' cute! Well, at least his expressions were cute! He was wearing an old pajama shirt and a pair of sweats. It was one of those multi-clothing-changes day. Then his shoes were wet because I washed them after his trip through a dirt field the day before. So he was wearing his boots because I couldn't find his sandals.

Random Random Random...

Anyway... back tothe whole start to this blog about Joshua being tiny but large on a blog... look at his shirt? Does it look familiar? It was featured in a few previous posts on my blog. Like the day he got his first haircut (and here)and again in a video when he took his first steps! All around 9ish months old! And here my big boy of 2+ years is sporting the same shirt like it was made for his little self today. Well, a little short but it still fits. Insane. So maybe that will give you a perspective of how tiny my big boy really is.

I am thankful for my little guys. I am so beyond blessed to have them in my life.