Cute Little Cutter...

I had quite a bit of this paper laying around. It was a huge part of some grey seamless background paper I had that had gotten wrinkled and was therefore no longer good for use as a backdrop. I just cut off the unusable portion and roll out some new paper for the next session.

But you know I didn't just toss out a large piece of paper! It's been so handy in so many ways I'm thinking it might be worth it to buy a roll just to use for school and crafts! :)

One day I had them each lie down on the paper and we drew their outlines. Then we decorated their bodies with crayons and markers. Then we played body part games with it. One they liked was where I'd call out a body part and they had to toss a bean bag to that body part on their body. Jey just liked tossing things around in the house and Joshua did too not realizing it was a trick to get him to learn more body parts. Mommy is evil to bring education into fun stuff, I know...

This particular day, Joshua was begging to use the scissors. I had just bought Jey a new pair that fit his hands better than the kiddie sized ones but wasn't ready to pass those small ones down just yet. Then I remembered I had this plastic pair. So I told Joshua that these clear, blue ones were his and he seemed pretty proud to have his own pair of something previously so forbidden. His eyes bulged with excitement as he scanned the room for his first victim. I nervously followed his eyes around the room seeing tons of precious books and important paperwork before my eyes settled on the big roll of once-thought-useless grey paper.


I rolled out the "Thunder Grey" paper and his little eyes lit up with excitement of something so huge to chop away at. He attacked it and I knew it would keep him busy long enough to not wander to other things in the room. After a few basic instructions and tips, I let him loose and off he went! Who knew his first time with "real" scissors would be such an adventure! With how many words I used to describe this moment, you'd think it was the greatest milestone a 3 year old can experience! Therefore, I'll be quiet and let the pics tell the rest of the story.