Just A Little Something...

Kids toys are just so cute, aren't they?

Harvest Season is coming fast! Yay, Fall!

{Mommy Moment}

We made a family trip to the grocery last week. It's always an adventure to shop with kids, isn't it? When Jeremiah was really little, he would get upset about not being able to open and partake of things before the checkout. We would always have to remind him that we had to "pay for it" and he then dubbed the checkout clerk as a "PayForIt" and eventually all the workers in the store were called this.

So anyway... last week at the grocery, I sent Daddy and the boys to get a loaf of bread and a baguette (for this awesome recipe HERE). They couldn't find the baguette so they approached a worker from behind the deli counter to help. When my guys got back to me, Daddy started to tell me how they needed some help finding it. Jeremiah chimed in (very matter-of-fact) with "The PayForIt with the bag on her head helped us!"